• Shawna

Your Homeschool Story Hub: Everyday Icing

Updated: Jan 18

When I started Everyday Icing in 2018, I never would have imagined that the library would become so robust and keep growing! Today, it is a resource for creative, fun AND curriculum-linked stories.

Everything in my day-to-day experience is inspiration for an Everyday Icing story. Whether its finding a new way to support one of our daughters through a challenging emotion, finding a creative solution to build content around one of their learning interests, or simply marvelling at the beautiful world around us, Everyday Icing stories cover a variety of topics.

Everyday Icing stories are all written based on the same criteria:

1. Every story sparks joy, and/or encourages a feeling

2. Every story is immersive to provide listeners an opportunity to imagine themselves inside the story as the protagonist (whether human or animal!)

3. Every story is a catalyst seeing the world from a new or different perspective

4. Every story relies on rich descriptive language to paint pictures in the imagination without the use of illustrations

5. Every story has words to stretch the vocabulary and comprehension of young readers (no writing “down” to a younger audience…they’re capable of anything!)

In all honestly, the list of possibilities for what an Everyday Icing story can and will approach is almost endless, as the recipe is all in HOW it is delivered to engage and inspire young minds.

A variety of formats creates multiple ways of appealing to different learning strengths

I have spent hundreds of hours sharing stories with kids ages 2 to 12 over the past few years, not to mention the thousands of hours reading to our daughters. It became very clear that kids experience stories in different ways. Some like to focus on the storyteller with their eyes. Some like to move, draw or fidget while listening. Some need to physically touch or hold the book to anchor themselves into the moment. This is why you’ll find multiple formats in the library for most stories to select the story sharing format that best meets the uniqueness of the listener.

Here’s how you can experience Everyday Icing stories:

1. Everyday Icing Layer One Storybook: 24 stories intentionally designed with larger font, more white space and large enough to read with a children on your lap

2. PDF files in the online library to read on a digital device

3. A small (yet growing!) collection of author-read professionally recorded audio stories

4. Intentionally written kids storytime meditations

5. A sample of storytime videos on YouTube

No matter what format, topic, reason or purpose motivates you to choose an Everyday Icing story, know this: every story has a little bit of magic in it just waiting for you to discover.

Get a two week free trial to the Everyday Icing Library

Go to Everyday Icing and click on SIGN UP to begin your two-week trial subscription. It is a two step authentication process, so be sure to check the email you use for sign up to get your four-digit code. The trial is restriction-free, so for fourteen days you will have full access to all stories, meditations and audio files. You can also choose from monthly or yearly subscription options.

Make sharing a story the sweetest part of your day <3