• Shawna

“Sick Day”: Understanding the Power of Healing

This past month has been a challenge. All four of us took our turn with an illness moving though our house. Luckily, there was only one adult down at a time which ensured we had meals on the table and clean laundry.

But nevertheless, our homeschool learning time and routines shifted from academics to healing.

Yes, healing.

In our house, we are never sick, we are “healing”

Words hold significant power on their own and in combination with others. As a result, we are always looking for the most positive and powerful image associated with the words we use in our house. Integrating this concept is also a conscious effort in all my writing.

The story, “Sick Day” is a rhyming story about not feeling well, and taking the time to rest, recover, heal and return to our most optimal state of wellness. Given the state of the world as of late, this idea has certainly been top of mind!

This is an ideal story for a kid who worries about missing out.

Does your child have anxiety about not being able to do all the things they want to when they’re not feeling well? Do you have a hard time convincing them that rest is the fastest way to return to their favourite activities? Storytime can be a great icebreaker for conversation, and this story is just what you need before having that conversation about them needing to stay home for a day or two.

Caring for sick kids can be very hard for parents.

I recognize that not all families have the choice like we do, to work from home and be able to prioritize the girls when they are sick. In this story, I wanted to show how there are many ways of caring for our kids and allowing them to heal. There is tremendous power in allowing the stillness for rest and healing. And there is also no room for guilt in healing, as we all always do the very best we can, especially when it comes to our kids.

What does learning look like for us when we are healing?

I learned quickly that learning does NOT look like math and writing when we’re not feeling well! It includes discussion about vitamins and healthy foods. It includes A LOT of read alouds and discussion about what we are reading. It involves snuggles on the couch with Ray. And it also includes dissecting the movies and shows that we watch (we binged Fuller House this month!) because sometimes learning is best from the couch under a blanket.

Discussion Questions:

1. What do you think about using the word “sick” versus using the word “healing” when you’re feeling under the weather?

2. What makes you feel better when you’re not well?

3. How can you make others feel better when they’re not at their best?


READ ALOUD TIME: 5 minutes

FORMAT: Read-aloud

DESCRIPTION: We all need to allow ourselves an opportunity to get better. This rhyming story celebrates the benefits of staying home to rest and heal.

GENRE: contemporary life

SUBJECT: health

TOPIC: family

THEMES/KEYWORDS: sore throat, cold, fever, chicken soup, hot chocolate, rest, home, parents





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