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5 Minute Storytime Video About A Hair

Updated: Feb 3

When the inspiration came to write this story about a hare named Harley and his remarkable hair, I reflected about how the things that make us different are often the very thing we are most self-conscious about.

The shape of a nose. Freckles. Curly hair. A loud laugh.

I wanted to make anyone who feels uncomfortable about a physical attribute be celebrated for the gift of uniqueness they brings to the world.

So The Hare and the Hair is a feel-good story to remind us all that if someone is staring at you it’s absolutely because you’re awesome.

Let me take you on 5 minute adventure that will make you love all parts of you. Scroll down for some discussion questions.



Harley is a lovely hare with a stray hair that makes him the brunt of all the jokes, until he solves his problem in a creative way with the help of a friend.

Read aloud time: 5 min

Format: read aloud

Genre: fantasy

Subject: art

Topic: individuality

Themes/Keywords: being different, teasing, name calling, hurt feelings, friendship, creativity, trust

Protagonist 1: hare

Protagonist 2: insect

Word Count: 1058

Audio File: yes

"The Hare and the Hair" Discussion Questions:

1. Why does Harley feel uncomfortable about his single hair?

2. Why do you think the other creatures of the meadow tease Harley about his hair?

3. Is there something about you or how you look that you feel uncomfortable about?

4. Think of someone you absolutely love: what is a unique feature about them?

5. Which character would you most like to be in this story: Harley? Or the caterpillar?

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