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15 Minute Storytime Video About A Kraken

Updated: Feb 3

For a long time, I have been captivated by pirates, sea-fearing vessels and adventures on the high seas. I love the water. I love sailing. And of most of all, I love the possibility of magical creatures living in deep, mysterious waters.

Especially the massive, multi-legged, octopus-like Kraken harbouring a deep secret.

This story is the first part of a two-part story that follows the unique friendship between an orphan boy Daniel, and a remarkably gentle Kraken named Glug.

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You might want to grab a life-jacket for this one and scroll down for some discussion questions.



A mysterious sea creature named Glug creates great fear in sailors who must pass through his waters. His actions are misinterpreted as aggressive until a stowaway named Daniel sees sadness in his eyes. Glug whisks Daniel away, not knowing what the creature wants to do with him.

Read aloud time: 15 min

Format: read aloud

Genre: magic realism

Subject: science

Topic: make believe

Themes/Keywords: orphan, kraken, sea monster, broken ships, hugging, deserted island, rough water, overboard, shipwreck

Protagonist 1: boy

Protagonist 2: creature

Word Count: 2614

Audio File: yes

"Daniel and the Kraken Part One" Discussion Questions:

1. The Isles of Ratchet seem very lonely. What words would you use to describe it?

2. Why do you think all the sailors are afraid of the Kraken?

3. What is Glug's motivation to help boats pass safely through the Isles of Ratchet?

4. Would you be brave enough to reach out and touch a Kraken? Why or why not?

5. Where do you think Glug is taking Daniel? Why?

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