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10 Minute Storytime Video About An Overactive Imagination

Updated: Feb 3

Some days I wish I could open up my brain and allow the contents to escape. It would make it easier for me to focus and not be distracted by every single shiny thing that shows up in demanding my attention.

Do you feel this way sometimes?

Do you have a kid who feels this way, too?

This story is about a boy named Oliver who, like me, has an “easily stimulated” mind. The only difference is that Oliver allows his imagination to completely take over his day at school. (If I allowed my imagination to take over our family would probably never eat or have clean clothes to wear!)

If you have a dragon lover in your house, this story will be a hit. Any dragon lover would love to have a dragon spend the day with them.

I recorded this video so that you, chief story reader, could have a little break. Click on this video, pour yourself a cuppa something hot and drink it while it’s warm. DON'T FORGET...scroll down for discussion questions in case you've still got something in your mug to drink.



A runaway imagination takes Oliver on a wild adventure at school when he truly believes that baby dragons have hatched in his backpack.

Read aloud time: 10 min

Format: read-aloud

Genre: magic realism

Subject: language arts

Topic: make believe

Themes/Keywords: runaway imagination, dragons, exaggeration, school, hyperbole, disbelief, trust

Protagonist 1: boy

Protagonist 2: dragon

Word Count: 2010

Audio File: yes

"The Runaway" Discussion Questions:

1. Do you have an imagination like Oliver?

2. Do you think it’s possible to have an “overactive” imagination? Why or why not?

3. What other warm places would be ideal for a dragon egg to hatch?

4. Is there any other animal or creature that you would like to become? Why?

5. Why do you think Oliver's Mom encouraged him?

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