I'm a spiritual Mom helping kids navigate the world through my stories.

Have you ever wondered why all significant modern children’s stories begin with death or orphaned protagonists who must physically battle forces of evil? Have you ever wondered why THESE are the messages our kids are exposed to, and what the impact of it will be on our society after a generation or two? 

I have. I whole-heartedly believe that it’s time to shift the narratives our kids are exposed to.


Through stories, I want to show our kids that life can be about abundance, joy, connection and magic. They deserve to learn about the world around them and the wonders of the Universe. Stories that encourage them to tap into their innate knowing and limitless creativity are just the recipe to help them realize that anything is possible.

Everyday Icing stories are going to change the world.

After spending almost two decades as an advertising copywriter, it was time to harness the power of my own words. I knew that they were needed to inspire, heal and spark imagination and creativity. 

Everyday Icing began in 2018 when our daughters needed a space after picture books and before novels to nurture their powerful imaginations. I quickly discovered that we have forgotten the art of the short story. I was determined to use this beautiful format to share the magic and wonder that exists in the world in a positive and loving way. 

I started writing. The stories kept coming and coming. Through commitment to my spiritual practices, each and every story came into my consciousness as a complete offering. Everyday Icing stories are my gift to bring into form. I am committed to show up each and every day to bring the stories that are most needed for our kids (and maybe even our inner children!).

One day I asked myself, “what if I was brave enough to tell the whispers of my heart and share the nudges of my intuition? What if the the way I see the world is a perspective that others want to experience?”

I started answering this question through showing up for our daughters and encouraging them to follow their hearts and lean into their feelings. My inspiration was found in moments of true friendship and in watching leaves fall from trees. In a poodle’s eyelashes, the smell of lilacs and drawing designs with your finger on a frosty window.

Some might say the magic lies in the mundane. I say the magic is in the everyday.

Everyday Icing Layer One Storybook received three awards in 2021
2020 Royal Winner Trans Background.png
2020 Story Monsters Approved Winner Seal.png
Purple Dragonfly First Place Seal Trans.png
Layer 2 Storybook coming in Spring 2022!